Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bind an .EXE File to Any File

Bind an .EXE File to Any File without

Many readers have been asking me how to hide their virus, keylogger, or any .exe file inside a .mp3, .png, etc. file. Here i am going to show you how to hide a virus within a normal media file. In this example we will be hiding a virus inside what appears to be a normal image file. It should work on .mp3, .wav, or any other file, probably even .iso's, never tried that though.

How to Bind an .EXE File to a .PNG File?

1. First, you need to put your virus and a picture in a folder.
2. Right click on the server, click properties.
3. Click the 'Hidden' Option

After that you don't have to worry about the .exe, unless you need to FUD it or something.
4. Now, what you need to do is click properties on the image.
5. Click the change button for what it opens with and choose your server (you have to find it).
6. Now thats all you really have to do, the rest of what you do is up to you.
7. But this isn't very effective, just simple and easy. The only way this will work is one of 2 things.

The person is very stupid, and sees the .exe because his PC shows hidden files, or he/she have the option, 'do not shot hidden files' in control panel/folder options selected.
Now this is what the finished project should look like to normal users:
Now the user will open the picture, see it, and not care anymore. Also, it says the picture is 12 KB, but in reality, the hidden .exe adds to the folder size.

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